I’m Oscar the robot and welcome to my wonderful world!

Welcome to the World of ‘Oscar’ the Interactive Robot

Oscar the robot has the ability to reach, touch and engage with people like no other. Promotional robots can help drive leads, sales and awareness of products and services to both the trade and the public. Promotional robots can be programmed to inform, entertain and educate in a world where gadgetry, apps and social media are commonplace. Robots have an ability to command and captivate whenever and wherever they appear.

Oscar The Robot should be top of your company event invite list. His warm yet lively personality will be sure to get people talking and provide the perfect network setting for you and your guests.

Oscar the robot has the ability to transform your event from the 'ordinary' into the 'extraordinary' and one that will be remembered and talked about long afterwards.


When Oscar the robot enters the room, all heads turn towards him. A crowd-pleaser, a natural conversationalist and undoubtedly entertaining – he is the guest you would want at your event.

Whatever or wherever the event, Oscar can be there. He has a wealth of experience in promotional and corporate events both in the UK and throughout Europe. Oscar is equally at home at an exhibition drawing crowds to client stands, or meeting & greeting delegates attending conferences and seminars. Oscar can entertain, engage and inform guests whilst continuously promoting and upholding your business reputation and values.

Oscar’s extensive experience means he is more than comfortable in any setting. He can capture and maintain the attention of everyone he encounters both young and old. You are just as likely to find Oscar enthralling children by day as you might be catching him acting as MC at formal events by night. No matter what kind of event you are planning Oscar can bring something very special to it. As one client remarked recently after seeing a three-fold increase in sales leads on their stand due to Oscar’s presence, “It’s much easier to do business with someone with a smile on their face and Oscar certainly does that”.

Oscar's independence is enforced further by use of an integrated communications and audio system which enables him to hold 'real time' conversations with guests, which in turn generates further discussions between visitors. Oscar is able to tailor this interaction to suit any given occasion, whether that be stopping delegates to discuss client products and services, or perhaps 'meeting and greeting' at retail openings and product launches. Regardless of the event peoples reaction upon meeting him is 'always' the same... It's not usual to hear people remark, "how does he do that?" or "that's amazing". This interaction usually concludes with a member of the sales team guiding visitors onto their stand whilst Oscar bids them goodbye with a "catch up with you later" as they disappear from sight.

The link between Oscar and the client can be enhanced still further by branding him with their corporate name and logo, which in turn creates an almost instant association between the robot, the client and their products and services. The link with the client can be strengthened further by having Oscar distribute promotional material which can take the form of samples, literature, coupons or competition prize forms.

To give you some idea of Oscar's popularity and effectiveness you need look no further than the number of high profile companies who hire Oscar for their events and seen first hand the benefits of doing so. These clients include numerous multi-national companies such as EDF, Jaguar, GSK, Clarks, National Grid, Pfizer and British Airways to name but a few. Oscar has become part of the above clients annual events programme, often booking him up to two years in advance to secure availability.





Exhibitions & Conferences

Are you looking for something unique, stimulating and highly visual that will make your company stand out from its competitors at your next trade show? Do you want to see increased footfall and sales from your stand? Don't intimidate visitors by thrusting carrier bags and brochures into their hands only to be dropped into the next bin they pass, rather entice them onto your stand by having Oscar meet and greet them on arrival, whilst doing so making your company the talking point amongst visitors and your competitors long after the day is over. Many of our clients win awards for best stand at show as well as generating free press,TV and radio coverage.

In today's marketplace companies need to seize every opportunity they can to engage directly with new and existing customers. Every visitors that walks past an exhibition stand is potentially lost business. Given the financial outlay in the design, build and manning of these stands it is imperative that companies make the most of the few days annually where potential customers gather under one roof. One very unique and highly effected method of doing this is by having Oscar work front of stand. With more than ten years experience working at trade shows throughout Europe we have the knowledge and expertise to help maximise returns for clients, many of whom have seen their sales and leads increase by as much as 40% just by having Oscar present on their stand.

Campaigns & Roadshows

Oscar has been invited to help run and promote many campaigns, both regional and nationally, often focusing on health, safety and awareness, such as Network Rails 'No Messin' initiative designed to reduce trespass on the railways. His ability to keep his audience captive and engaged at all times means he’s ideally suited for such tasks.

If your organization has a message to deliver? Then Oscar could be the perfect catalyst for doing this. Oscar can provide you with a unique tool in the market today which can help your company achieve its targets and objectives. Again this can be born out by the numerous testimonials we receive from both public and private sector organization that use Oscar to do just that.

Festivals & Awards

Oscar is a frequent visitor to many regional and national science and technology events, such as the Cambridge, Canterbury and Cheltenham Science Festivals. You could find him mingling with visitors at the National Big Bang Finals or at one of the many regional events held all over the UK. Alternatively, you could find him presenting awards on behalf of organizations looking for that something special to make their ceremony stand out from the crowd.

Retail & Product Launches

Looking for something to help add that sparkle to your product launch? Then Oscar could be your ‘dream’ machine…. What better way could there be to welcome your guests.

Want to make that new store opening just that much better than your rivals across the street? Then have Oscar wow the crowds outside your store.

Whether it be re-launch following a store refit, or in-store promotional events, Oscar’s presence can turn the ordinary into the ‘extraordinary’.

Functions & Parties

Make your party or reception the one everyone is talking about the next day. Have Oscar meet & greet your guests on their arrival whilst he hands them refreshments. What better way to get that special occasion off to a flying start.

Oscar can make the company barbeque ignite with laughter, or put the cracker back into that Christmas party.




To find out how Oscar can be at your next event, or for any further information, feel free to give us a call on 01865 763434, or use the form on the right to send Oscar an email.

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