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Events, Campaigns and Launches

Are you looking for something unique, stimulating and highly visual that will make your company stand out from its competitors at your next trade show?

Do you want to see increased footfall and sales from your stand?

Don’t intimidate visitors by thrusting carrier bags and brochures into their hands only to be dropped into the next bin they pass, rather entice them onto your stand by hiring Oscar the promotional exhibition robot to meet and greet them on arrival, whilst doing so making your company the talking point amongst visitors and your competitors long after the day is over.

Many of our clients win awards for best stand at show as a result of hiring Oscar the promotional exhibition robot, as well as generating free press,TV and radio coverage.

Campaigns and Roadshows

Oscar has been invited to help run and promote many campaigns, both regional and nationally, often focusing on health, safety and awareness, such as Network Rails ‘No Messin’ initiative designed to reduce trespass on the railways. His ability to keep his audience captive and engaged at all times means he’s ideally suited for such tasks.

If your organisation has a message to deliver? Then Oscar could be the perfect catalyst for doing this. Oscar can provide you with a unique tool in the market today which can help your company achieve its targets and objectives. Again this can be born out by the numerous testimonials we receive from both public and private sector organisation that use Oscar to do just that.

Retail & Product Launches

Looking for something to help add that sparkle to your product launch? Then Oscar could be your ‘dream’ machine…. What better way could there be to welcome your guests.

Want to make that new store opening just that much better than your rivals across the street? Then have Oscar wow the crowds outside your store.

Whether it be re-launch following a store refit, or in-store promotional events, Oscar’s presence can turn the ordinary into the ‘extraordinary’.

Functions & Parties

Make your party or reception the one everyone is talking about the next day. Have Oscar meet & greet your guests on their arrival whilst he hands them refreshments. What better way to get that special occasion off to a flying start.

Oscar can make the company barbeque ignite with laughter, or put the cracker back into that Christmas party.

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